• Grading Procedures for 5th Grade

    Grading Procedure

    Mr. Weber’s 5th Grade Math  2012-13

    Academic Achievement:

    Scores in math will be broken down in the following manner for the purpose of providing academic feedback:

    Mathematics Grading :

     Daily Assignments=30%

    Assessments (Tests and Quizzes)=30%


    Unit Projects=10%

    Warm-Up Problems, Daily Participation and Behavior in the Classroom=20%

    All scores will be calculated using percentages based upon 100%.

    Missing Assignments:

    All assignments will be collected on the day they are due.  The procedure in the handbook will be followed if a student is absent.  Every assignment will be collected, but not every assignment will be graded.  If we have five assignments for the week, I may choose to evaluate only three of the five.  My goal is to get students to do their best work and turn it in on time. Late assignments will receive no credit unlessarrangements have been made between the teacher and the student.  Please check your student’s notebook for the weekly assignment sheet to follow up with the dailyassignments. 

    Grading Scale:











    F=Below 60

    Students will have access to their grades whenever they feel the need to see how they are progressing. Students will receive a written report every 4 ½ weeks.  This report should be signed by the legal guardian and returned to class.  Arrangements can be made with the teacher to receive a weekly progress report. 

    Mr. Weber